Hi, I'm Marco Marassi.

Web Developer by day, Sleeper by night.

What did you think I was? A superhero or something?

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About Me

I am currently a Back-end Web Developer at Simpleweb.

Previously, I have been working at Somerset Design as Principal Web Developer, where I learnt how to work in the web agency's fast-paced environment, and the best practices of building websites using the company's own CMS.

While there, I have also learnt the best practices around SEO, basic UX principles, and how to use the latest web development tools: from local development environment Vagrant, to front-end frameworks like Angular and React, to REST APIs developed in Laravel.

Being a Principal Web Developer also meant having the opportunity to mentor the rest of the team, sharing my knowledge, and helping others understand and solve problems using the technologies listed above.

Before Somerset Design, I worked as a Technical Specialist for Mondago Ltd, where I covered two roles: Web Developer and Product Specialist.

As a Web Developer (using technologies like AJAX, jQuery, Laravel, PHP, and SQL), I took care of all the public websites, the company's Business System, and most of the internal online systems.

I also dedicated part of my time at the company to the Product Specialist role, where I covered the Italian market, providing sales and technical support. The role granted me the opportunity to attend conferences and events in different countries.

Outside of the office, you are most likely to find me at a cafè trying to speak a new foreign language, or chasing classic cars in the streets of town.